Chiu-Hsuan Wang

Hi! I am a Ph.D. student in Prof. Liwei Chan’s lab and currently study in Computer Science, NYCU, Taiwan. My research lies in Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) and particularly related to Virtual Reality(VR). Interaction design on VR has been emphasizing the experience of HMD users, leaving outsiders that co-located with the HMD users out of attention. The exclusion of the co-located outsiders may potentially lower the VR technique’s social acceptability, since the high immersion isolates the VR user in the virtual environment, leaving the communication gap with others.

My research topic is “Design for Real-World Friendly Virtual Reality”, which aims to improve the experience of co-locating outsiders and hence design for real-world friendly VR. By considering different co-located outsider’s involvement level, my research aims to provide the interface that enables VR user and outsiders’ communication or facilitate their collaboration.